Teagan / 14 / Australia

tooyoung-toodumb-deactivated201: If there was one thing you wish someone else would do for you without you having to ask, what is it? It can be like a simple gesture or something massive, but I know sometimes you just wish someone would do something for you and they don't so I was just wondering if you ever have that and if so, what is it? :)

Actually being treated like a human being with feelings every once in a while would be nice, I think. It is truly horrifying how often I am overlooked and pretty much walked all over by people at my school, especially my friends. They talk down to me and like to point out my flaws all the time, like I didn’t already know what they are… I hate it and wish for once they’d actually treat me like a person. 

In short, I wish people would stop treating me like the friend no one actually likes. 

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