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Long time no post, people!

In case you were all wondering where I’d gotten to, you can follow me HERE if you’d like to - in fact, if you MESSAGE me over on my new blog saying you followed me because of this post, you can have a screenie!

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I still have 7,464 followers over here, even though I don’t blog here anymore! 

However, I do blog minimalist/organic/architecture posts over here, and I follow back all similar, 100%!

BONUS: First 5 to message me saying they started following me because of this post will get a screenie to X,XXX!

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Hi guys! Teagan here… As you probably know, I’m not on this blog anymore. BUT! I am, however, over here. If you want to continue to follow me and you’re a modern/rosy/streetstyle blog, maybe check my new blog out! 

Much love!

P.S - I’ll be checking out and possibly following back the next 25 people to follow me ♥

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I know I haven’t posted in absolutely ages, but I just wanted to come back on to let you all know that I am now blogging from HERE!

I’d love it if you would message me there ♥

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If you guys know of a good quality streaming link for Rise of the Guardians, please message me! I’ll give you a screenshot if it works to 8K+

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ugh want all their pants